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Warwick businesses step up in support of CELTICFEST 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2021 | People N Places Magazine
Another four local businesses are joining the CelticFest craic, signaling their support of an event that will celebrate the rich Celtic heritage of the Southern Downs region.

CelticFest organisers are delighted to announce that Warwick Sandstone, Warwick Friendly Society, Proterra and Ironside Industry have committed to providing sponsorship for CelticFest, which will be held in Warwick on Saturday March 26 and Sunday March 27, 2022.

“It is our pleasure to be able to contribute towards an exciting new festival, CelticFest – another reason to put our great town of Warwick on the must-visit map,” said Jill Bockman, from Warwick Sandstone. “Warwick Sandstone wishes the CelticFest planning committee good luck for an exciting and great outcome.”

The main program of events will be held on Saturday March 26 at the Warwick Showgrounds; local organisations including Club Warwick RSL, Southern Downs Steam Railway, Pringle Cottage and Glengallan Homestead will run Celtic-themed events in the days leading up to the 26th, and on Sunday March 27th.

The extremely welcome sponsorship will help support the running of what promises to be an exciting Saturday day and evening program. During the day, CelticFest patrons will be able to thrill to the spectacle of Highland Games heavy events, be enthralled by graceful Highland dancing, be transported to Scotland with the stirring sound of pipe bands and be transported back in time with a large medieval re-enactment encampment on site at the showgrounds. They will also be able to browse Celtic-themed markets, research their family history with the gathering of clans and genealogists and sustain themselves with offerings from various food and drink vendors.

In the evening, patrons can let their hair down with headliners The Gathering supported by Limerick and the Moreton Celtic Fiddle Club; an evocative Celtic-themed fire display will kick off the night’s celebrations.
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