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Visitors to the Medieval Village at CelticFest Warwick 2023 saw history come alive as re-enactors portrayed life, arts, and traditions of the Middle Ages

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Visitors to the Medieval Village will see history come alive as re-enactors portray life, arts, and traditions of the Middle Ages.

jorth gar


The Vikings took over the main arena with thrilling combat battles Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Visitors to the Medieval Village discovered Viking weapons, armour & tactics talks; Blacksmith forge display; craft displays of tablet weaving, fabrics & dyeing; naal binding (knitting of socks/mittens/hats), whipcord & lucet weaving; cooking and baking; Runes readings; Viking board games & Kubb game *(like skittles).


The Jorth Gar branch of the New Varangian Guard concentrates primarily on the earlier Varangian Guardsmen of Viking origin, and their many exploits and accomplishments. Those that were given to Emperor Basil II in recognition of his military treaty with the Rus, by Prince Vladimir of Kiev.

Many of these warriors held fast to their traditional pagan ideals and spirit, and derived inspiration from their ancestors and kinsmenship. Even though their new employers were strongly Christian Orthodox. It is with these Varangians from which Jorth Gar derives its identity and focus. They also reenact warriors that returned back to their homelands after active service in the Guard.

Jorth Gar Living History - fight
Jorth Gar Living History medieval celticfest
Jorth Gar Living History battle


Rognvald’s Lith members shared their re-enactment of living in Medieval times including Viking combat displays.

Formed in 2003, Rognvald's Lith aka The Lith, has grown rapidly from 3- 4 dedicated members to a strong hold of 50+ active members. Establishing The Lith as the largest Medieval Re-enactment group in the Northern Rivers.


Who was Rognvald?

Rognvald Ingvarson was a Swede who served in the Varangian Guard with the club’s banner and logo taken from a mid 11th century runic inscription from Ed, Uppsala.

an tarm


An T-Arm Albannach recreate Scottish Highland culture in the 18th century – the time of the Jacobites. They lived in the Medieval Village partaking in swordsmanship displays and black powder firing.



The Order of the Bear lived in the Medieval Village with full armoured combat displays and demonstrations of day to day Village life.



Visitors to the Hornmasters Archery Group encampment enjoyed demonstrations of fire lighting, Lucette weaving, Inka looming, arrow making, and string making for bows. Jean the Hornmaster also made available for sale handmade drinking horns, blowing horns, leather water bottles, fire kits, feasting kits, Lucettes, bone needles, inka looms and card weaving looms.  

The Celtic and Viking races are the inspiration for the products and like his ancestors, his products are produced from traditional materials such as horn, antler, bone, leather, metal and wood. The transformation from raw material to the fine beauty in the finished article is by copying the almost lost art of the skilled craftsman. He realises and appreciates just how talented and skilled the ancient craftsmen were and tries to re-create those skills in each work of art he creates.




The Rising Phoenix Tribal Belly Dancers share tribal Bellydance fusion - Celtic, Viking, Spanish with a little Bollywood for fun.

They have created their own Tribal style, choreographies, and handmade costuming. They roam through the crowd and enjoy performing a wide variety of belly dance fusion styles, adding color and vitality, passion and joy into our community to share.

Women from all ages and walks of life have come together for fun, fitness, friendship and the pure joy of dancing together as a Tribe, with so many styles fused together we are learning a beautiful craft that takes time, patience and practice to perfect.\


Southern Downs Reenactors are a growing group who enjoys dressing in period clothing and learning about the old ways of doing things.

We enjoy:

· Calligraphy & Illumination

· Leatherwork

· Archery

· Cooking and feasting

· Sewing and embroidery

· Medieval living displays/Historical encampments

· Creating the arts and crafts of the pre-19th century world.

If dressing up, having fun and sharing knowledge appeals to you, follow Southern Downs Reenactors on Facebook and come and see us at CelticFest.

SD reenact
SD Reenactors Medieval CelticFest


Members have each chosen women from history who personally have inspired them in their own lives by the way they have lived their lives. These women often chained by conventional demands and constraints of the era they lived and died in, have lived extraordinary lives. They have not only fulfilled the role of wife and mother but also been exemplary in careers that encompass politics, military, literary, education, the sciences and the arts. Many of these women were left by their husbands or widowed, and needed to protect and guard their families, home, their lands, run estates, kingdoms and businesses. They would have met with many prejudices and had to prove their worth in careers totally dominated by men in a world ruled by men. This group represents these Women in History from history with pride and integrity.

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Women in History 22
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