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Introducing The Scotsman, a Glasgow born musician, Graeme McColgan performs an entertaining blend of upbeat traditional folk songs and beautiful heartfelt ballads from Scotland, Ireland and Australia.

the scotsman music

Graeme swapped the dreich drizzle of Scotland for the sunny shores of Sydney and hasn’t looked back.

With a passion for folk music, ceilidh dancing (and whisky), his upbeat, contemporary style brings new audiences to Scottish and Irish folk classics, while his heartfelt vocal renditions of Caledonia and Loch Lomond transport audiences to the shores of bonnie Scotland.


Graeme has performed regularly at festivals and events across Australia since 2021. Inspired by the beauty and cheeky humour of his homeland, his soon-to-be-released debut album of children’s and adult songs is sure to impart a deep love of Scotland in listeners young and old.

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