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Lissa-Kathe is a Celtic contemporary harpist, pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, and producer.

Lissa Kathe Music Harp

Australian born with strong Irish, Scottish and Germanic ancestry. All of these influences come alive in her music.

As well as original works, she also arranges traditional pieces and set poetry to music. Lissa-Kathe’s compositions range from tender, graceful solo pieces, to full orchestral soundscapes with the compositions being layered, rich, emotive, and moving.

Lissa-Kathe has been internationally recognised through international awards for her music as well as nominations for Best Celtic Female Artist 2018 and best Vocal Single 2021 with One World Music Radio.

Solo on the harp & looping, she creates mellifluous melodies and rhythmic tunes of Celtic flavour, and can create sounds of an entire ensemble, all with just one instrument, a 36-string concert lever harp. With Catalina, her beautiful Comet, 36-string concert lever harp, she brings her own individual style to an ancient instrument that has soothed us for thousands of years. Lissa-Kathe is paving the way to new experiences, and new expectations of the modern harp in Celtic and folk music.

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