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Introducing the Auld Alliance. Rekindling the fire of the Scottish-French union, two souls from different corners of the world have come together through music and song. Glasgow born Graeme McColgan and Australian mademoiselle Amie Brûlée

combine their Scottish and French roots with fine vocal harmonies, ukulele and double bass.

Auld Alliance

Performing an entertaining blend of upbeat traditional folk songs and beautiful heartfelt ballads from Scotland, Ireland, France, and Australia. 

France, and Australia. With a passion for folk music, whisky and wine, the Auld Alliance’s warm sounds will transport you across to Bonnie Scotland and La Belle France with renditions of Caledonia, Loch Lomond, La Vie en Rose and Sur Le Pont d’Avignon.

Donning their kilts and blue stripes and singing up a storm, the Auld Alliance serves up the musical equivalent of a good whisky and a fine cheese.


Graeme has performed regularly at festivals and events across Australia since 2021. Inspired by the beauty and cheeky humour of his homeland, his soon-to-be-released debut album of Scottish songs is sure to impart a deep love of Scotland in listeners young and old.

Amie Brûlée brings you a charming blend of original songs and old favourites with continental sophistication and vintage style. She loves to sing joyful songs, vintage swing, French and Spanish classics, songs about food and wine, and originals.


Amie draws on a wealth of experience acquired in her hometown of Ballarat, travels to far flung places, and an eclectic musical upbringing. Her captivating and delightful performances transport audiences to other times and places with a blend of music, stories and humour. Amie’s music is sure to put a swing in your step and a smile in your heart.

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